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Are your spot grades misbehaving?

The problem:

Some of the surveyors we work with have begun using a new Soft Desk Module to plot their digital input points from field survey, with linked text attributes telling the grade, etc. Is there some way for me to tell the survey people to save the file as a straight picture file, so all the data comes through?

Pat Loheed tracked it down

Brian Groen worked out how to make DWG files so the point locations of spot grades come through for survey files.

No X-ref's in file.

1) Put graphic scale on each file.
2) Select the entire drawing (select all).
3) Export it as a WMF (Windows Meta File).
4) Import the WMF back into the drawing.
5) Explode the drawing.
6) Save the drawing as a normal, regular AutoCad DWG.

When this is done the complete file comes through with all text in position and the locations of the spot grades in proper places, etc.

we need more of these shortcuts...