Shadows & Reflections

  Bill Gore asked for an example of window reflections, shadows. Peter Bacot, Master of Gradients, sent these:  

This is what I have been using for windows and shadows. The appearance (to my mind) is of reflection in an elevation...but without the shadow, the gradient gives a transparent feel to the window as well.

Look at Brian Hucalak's "Streetscape" example for other window rendering ideas.

These gradient colors are chosen to work in grayscale as well.

Variation in shadow suggests reflected light and seems to add "volume" to the surface.

Window 1

Window 2

Where various building colors are present, the shadow colors should be quieter and "multiplied" as a layer in Photoshop over the building colors -- so they vary with the color below.


I've been using this duller color window where building colors are being presented.
 could always do something like this..

Window 3

You can find the source file in the Library.

Option-clicking an existing gradient with the Gradient Tool allows you to add the gradient to your saved gradients list.

Got a cool technique? send it in.