feel like your feet are in molassas?

It is a font problem

If you suddenly notice that everything seems to be moving s l o w l y, reeealllllly slowly, the most likely culprit is a corrupted font.

Posted by  Dave:

Thought I should post this recent experience. I have been having a problem with PCADD 2000 even after upgrade to v5.0.12. The problem is when I have more than one object selected at a time, such as selecting 3 or 4 boxes and wanting to change the line width, color, or other attribute. When I click on the attribute I have to wait up to about 10 seconds for the options to open and be available.

I called ES late this afternoon and talked with them and they suggested it might be a corrupted font - the only one that they had heard about was an old version of Avant Garde.

Hmmmm, sure enough! When I removed the Avant Garde suitcase from the system folder and restart PCADD all is well again. The dates on the font are:

   Created May 20, 1993,  10:56 AM  
There may be others, but this fixed my problem -


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