Illusions and Other Magic

There are no buildings in my computer. There are however some beautiful illusions (by others of course). This wonderful computer knows about ones and zeros and is quite dumb.

The grand illusion of presenting the ones and zeros to its owner in a helpful and meaningful manner is the magic. Two thousand years were spent developing methods of making drawings that enable others with different skills to bring an idea into being. Many Cad applications sterilize an artistic and creative endeavor. Sterilization isn't necessary and it certainly takes the fun out of the design process.

The Mac people generally look upon software as a tool to extend their own creative thinking process. The windows people appear to have a different agenda. Yes more drawing space is needed for today's work with but not at the expense of undermining the creative process. Eventually you will have both. A road map with a scale of one mile equals one mile is of little value.

In the twenties companies mandated that Ford's be purchased. In the seventies companies mandated that IBM mainframes be purchased. Many companies today mandate Windows computers. This too will change.

Unfortunately 1:1 drawing was started by programmers. They probably didn't understand the drafting process. Likely it was a programming shortcut. It is unfortunate that others blindly followed the model. There is a better way.

Drawings are both presentation sales tools and construction documents. To most who make drawings they are the result of artistic and creative thinking. The final appearance and esthetic quality of the drawing is a matter of pride. Your competitors in the windoze world have a very difficult task making presentation sales drawings. For some reason they don't brag about presentation and creative shortcomings but rather inundate you with four decimal place wall accuracy and other miscellaneous un-sundries that have little to do with making money.

I believe you should have both.

Bill Stanley
Engineered Software