Since I screw up with such regularity in coordinating things and since Meredith suggested I maintain a calendar for who is going to be at Rosegill, here goes...


4-5 Meredith, Alfred, Ginny, Billy and Catherine Ellyson

20-25 A. J. Winstead, Angela and Christopher

26-29. Alfred, Meredith, Laurin, Clair and Patrick Ensslin. Two rooms available.



3, 4 and 5 Alfred, Meredith and Kakee (3 rooms available).

Fireworks are on July 3, rain date July 5

I’m hoping to hang around Rosegill with Gunther, doing some reading, writing and shade-bathing, between July 6-8, and then July 16-Aug 4, but just one room, happy to co-habitate, will come and go a bit, and can vacate for others as needed.--Kakee


Kakee, see above.


25-26, Gerry Cooper for Hall of fame at CCS


10-20 Ingelise Stanley and family, Alfred, Meredith