Owners of Rosegill



August 1974

With regards to the various owners of Rosegill Farm, it appears that Ralph Wormeley after moving to this country from England in about the year 1636 acquired property in Middlesex County, part of which consisted of what is knows as Rosegill Farm. This acquisition apparently was made sometime during the 1640's and the construction of the Rosegill Warehouse was started in the later part of 1640. Wormeley's original grant was for 13,000 acres of land. Though the first Ralph Wormeley started the construction, his son Ralph II was the first of the Wormeley's to live at Rosegill. The first Ralph died about two years after the land was patented. His widow married an English gentleman, Sir Henry Chichely.

When the present owners Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Shannon redid the house in 1961, they found the original date of 1649 on the cellar beams, and old bricks at the rear of the house which are almost certainly the foundation of one or two wings torn down by Captain Bailey.

The Rosegill property remained in the Wormeley family until sometime after the death of the fifth Ralph Wormeley in 1806, at which time it was apparently purchased by a Martha Roy.

In 1834 the property was sold by Martha Roy to a Thomas M. B. Roy, who in turn sold it in 1849 to Captain John Bailey.

Captain Bailey in a will dated August 16, 1855 and recorded in the Clerk's office in Middlesex County, April 28, 1856 left the property to his wife Eliza Bailey for her life and after her death the property passed to Captain Bailey's grandnieces, Mary Glidden and Fannie B. Glidden.

Mary E. Glidden married Dr. B. B. Temple and Fannie B. G. Glidden married Thomas J. Woodward and in August 1899, Fannie B. G. Woodward and her husband transferred her interest in Rosegill to Mary Elizabeth Gliddent Temple, who then became sole owner of all the Rosegill property handed down from Captain John Bailey.

On March 26, 1901, Mary Elizabeth Temple and her husband Dr. B. B. Temple conveyed the property to J. Henry Cochran, a United States Senator from Pennsylvania. The property was owned by him or his estate until 1924 when it was sold to Jessie K. Smith and her husband Norwood B. Smith.

The Smith's conveyed the property December 30, 1930 to Henry L. and Elsie S. Bogart. Mr. Bogart was one of the partners in the brokerage firm of Eastman & Dillon Co. in New York.

The Bogarts sold the propert to Ben Temple of Lynchburg, Va. under date of March 11, 1938. Temple owned the property until his death in early 1944.

The property was sold by the Temple estate to Mr. & Mrs. Sidney L. Shannon, Sr. of Fredericksburg, Virginia in 1944. At Mr. Shannon's death, Mrs. Shannon kept the property until the end of August 1974, when she sold it to Mr. Alfred Scott and his brother, Strother Scott of Richmond, Virginia.



Sidney Lawrence Shannon, Sr.



Eddie Rickenbacker, Kathryn Shannon and Sidney Lawrence Shannon, Sr.
Completion of 25 years service to Eastern Air Lines
Banquet November 1954



Sidney Lawrence Shannon, Jr.

The Shannons bought Rosegill in 1945. In 1949-50 they reconstructed. The present den was across the hall, part of the present dining room. The panelling was transferred over, piece by piece, as it matched in size to the room that was there before, so it is original panelling. The riverside porch was built at that time and afterwards the pool. Sid Shannon, Jr., my husband built the airport and the hangar several years later. He owned Shannon Airport in Fredericksburg.

Mary E. Sharpley