Peter Stanley

Mt. McKinley


In 1985, Peter and friends climbed Mount Ranier and Mount McKinley. Here are photographs from the trip, along with Peter's tape-recorded log. We're including the log here in pieces, scattered throughout the photos, and unfortunately there is very little correlation between the photos and the text.

Click here for the complete log in Adobe Acrobat format.



June 22 ­ July 12, 1985

Tape recorded log
of Peter von S. Stanley

[Richmond, Va.] The following log begins 22 June 1985 at 11:14 a.m.... packing up.

I am now on the Piedmont flight to Washington, having checked three bags -- I don't know where the little string bag is -- by and large, though, I feel pretty well organized.




I'm now at Seattle airport. I met Sam in Minneapolis, flew in and saw Mt. Rainier in gorgeous splendor -- absolutely startling view of Mt. Rainier in clear weather on the port side of the airplane. Incredibly, we have managed to jam four bags a piece -- that's almost 20 bags -- 5 backpacks -- in a little Buick Century stationwagon.

It is now 9:57 on 24 June. I'm at the Paradise Lodge. God, the pace of this place is incredible -- the mental strain!



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