West Cottage


This is the West Cottage at Rosegill which dates from about 1720. It was built by John Wormeley along with the main house and the cottage on the east side.

This is the land side of the house, and the Rappahannock River is to the north.

Now let's take a tour of the cottage.

The living room has a great fireplace that was once used for cooking. Note the stone on the right used for sharpening knives.

The door leads to the porch

This is the downstairs master bedroom across from the living room with the big fireplace.

The desk is on the land side.

The door leads to the downstairs bathroom.

Downstairs bathroom with a walk-in shower.

Head up the stairs to two bedrooms.

This is the east bedroom.

Upstairs bathroom (with a wall mirror on the sink).

West upstairs bedroom

This is the kitchen.

The cabinets are all white with a formica counter.

The west side of the kitchen.

The porch is to the east of the kitchen.

There is a good view of the Rappahannock river.

Looking back from the porch at the kitchen area with washer and dryer.

Before we get into specifics on the house, let's first remember what life at Rosegill is. Towering trees over a beautiful lawn. Two lakes with great walks around them. There are all the people you'll be living with in close quarters, sharing a swimming pool, netting crabs at the dock with dogs fighting with crabs, children squealing, guitar music under the stars, and the best swing you ever saw.

It's important to us that everyone be compatible. If this isn't your kind of place, don't want to be part of the scene with dogs, children and families who all love each other, please find another place. And if it doesn't work out, our lease provides for three months notice to cancel by landlord or tenant.

This is Nathan and Stephanie Snead with their three girls, Ella, Nancy and Anne Mitchell. They are in the east cottage on the other side of the main house. The girls love the place and are out riding their bicycles all the time or swinging in the swing.

This is David, Chloe (8) and Amy Stokes.

Chloe with Ella, Ann Mitchell and Nancy Snead. Chloe is at school with Ella Snead but in different classes. Amy and Chloe came to Rosegill for the Oyster Festival for a weekend of girls around the swing, running in the yard, riding on bicycles, the whole Rosegill scene, then Amy spent the night in the hammock by the pool. Nathan showed her through the west cottage, and then Amy announced to David "We're moving HERE!" She just completely fell in love with Rosegill and wants to raise her family here.

So this cottage is no longer for rent!.

Alfred Scott