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Dear ES,

In PowerCADD and PowerDraw, we have always had the ability to set the line types, fills, colors, and patterns of each tool.

In the latest version the paint bucket or flood tool has had the line type inexpicably tied to the fill. I can see the intent but it messes with my intent as the user. I much prefer to have the line type as "none" for this tool and have a fill of my choice... and to have that perogative as in the past.


The Flood tool is a great way to set the boundaries for gradients. WT gridlines, or Hatches. In all these cases a "none" line pattern is usually desirable. In any case of modifying the fill element, the outline now must be modified separately. It becomes an added hassle. One could set the tool's fill to none but that makes it difficult to select and see on the screen.

(Fortunate the WT Flood tool and gridlines function is improving. Usually the PowerCADD tool handles complex (imperfect?) boundaries more readily)

The change is antithetic to PowerCADD's strategy to date of not trying to guess the intent of the user and how all the other tools work.


Peter Bacot


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